Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I have always been influenced by my surroundings. Raised on the forest's edge on the North Shore, and splitting my time on the beautiful Sunshine Coast; my upbringing motivates me to create a unique, home-grown aesthetic, with a focus on locally sourced woods, and sustainable materials. Completing the residential and commercial interior design programs at The School of Construction and The Environment at BCIT, Landon Dix Design Studio was launched as a comprehensive design studio offering full service interior design and product design services from Vancouver to The Sunshine Coast and beyond.

The Shop

Experiment is key.

My house is ridden with unsatisfactory trials, but I can't seem to depart with them.

As a comprehensive studio, There is a fine balance between custom goods, both for interiors and sale. Constant innovation of new product, and wholesale options are on the drawing table.

A large garage is home to the wood shop where most of the building goes on. Located in North Vancouver, BC, it's hard to shy from a theme of nature in every piece of work. The shop is home to many pieces of locally fallen or reclaimed wood. After months, even years of drying (and anticipation), a sense of joy and excitement is brought to exposing the inherent beauty of each and every piece of wood. 

What started as sewing rope bowls, has grown into working with a variety of mediums to facilitate custom projects and new ideas.