Landon Dix Design Studio relates interiors to the user experience. From the roots of a product design practice, Landon Dix Design Studio has a deep understanding of materiality, construction requirements and restraints, and the functionality in designing a product or space that serves a purpose. As a comprehensive studio, creating custom furniture and wares allows a space to be experienced to it's full potential. Attention to detail and quality of design defines us.

It is your space, and my main goal is to bring your vision to life. I have worked and lived between the Sunshine Coast and North Shore of Vancouver my entire life; a great appreciation of the outdoors and the natural surrounding that we are blessed with drives my design process. I believe working locally means building relationships locally. It means responsibility in sourcing materials and products that support our local economy, our environment, and above all else, creates a design that is timeless - aligning both with the vision of my clients, and the overall reflection of what is means to live and thrive here. My industrial design and interior design projects follow the idea that " A Uniquely Canadian Aesthetic is Influenced by a Diverse Natural Surrounding." This means that local design cannot be defined solely by a "west coast" label, but by a modern collaboration of everything that lives here. Diverse culture and style, but in all aspects, a relationship to a design that deeply roots in responsibility is what I try to achieve in every project.


Landon Dix holds over 5 years experience working in the local design community. What started as selling selling high-end custom furniture, to designing and building custom accessories & furniture; collaborating with interior designers over the years has driven my education in a direction that aligns cohesively to the products I create and the spaces I design. Finishing the residential and commercial interior design programs through The School of Construction and the Environment at BCIT, and having trained with various firms in Vancouver; Landon Dix Design Studio was launched as a comprehensive design studio offering full interior design services from Vancouver to The Sunshine Coast, & Surrounding Islands.


From an initial meeting, it is important to understand the clients needs over anything else. Understanding exactly what services you need, and what drives your lifestyle directs the project from beginning to end. The function of the space will determine the success of a design. Whether residential or commercial, the project is based around the needs of the users. Approaching each project uniquely allows your personal style and desires to drive the project.


INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES Include (and are not limited to):

Initial Concepts and Proposals

  • Initial Client / Designer Meeting
  • Site Review / Measurements 
  • Creative Brief - Client Package
  • Programming and Timeline
  • Budgeting
  • Conceptual Storyboards
  • Preliminary Plans and Drawings
  • Preliminary Conceptual Renderings
  • Material Concept and Samples


  • Technical CAD Drawings - Used for Construction, Contract Pricing, Permitting.
    • Floor Plans
    • Elevations
    • Millwork Drawings - Plans, Sections, Details
    • Reflected Ceiling / Lighting Plans
    • Electrical Plans
    • Finishes Plans
    • Specification Packages - Furniture, Lighting, Appliances, Fixtures etc.
    • Project Renderings


  • Drawings are passed onto contractors and construction is monitored by the interior designer throughout the project through every aspect of the build to ensure the project is kept true to the concept and design.
  • Any surprises during construction are promptly addressed with solutions at the discretion of the client.
  • Depending on project size, Landon Dix Design Studio will also offer project management, overseeing budget, schedule, and coordination of all sub-trades required.

Furniture and Styling

  • Custom Furniture Design and Potential Production
  • Furnishings Selections - including all furniture, decorative items, window& floor treatments, light fixtures, artwork, and equipment.
  • Complete Styling Services.


OTHER SERVICES Include (and are not limited to):

Millwork and Cabinetry

  • Landon Dix Design Studio creates custom millwork and cabinetry design including custom storage, shelving, furniture, and specializes in custom kitchens and bathrooms.
  • We work with trusted local millwork shops to fulfill the custom design working with your requirements and budget. Landon Dix Design Studio will oversee everything from the first meeting and measure, to the final installation of the goods.
  • Landon Dix Design Studio's woodworking shop offers handmade custom objects and goods; often providing the finishing touches for a project, and bridging the gap between what needs to be sent to one of our trusted local millwork shops.


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